Remember Notrix?

Notrix was a data-engine in the Lotus Notes days. Very handy - albeit REXX based (Wha?). But it had an event model and you could use it to shove data around. 

Well. There's Apache Nifi now. Which can do awesome things.

Oh - and Logstash for syslog files. LogStash runs on top of ElasticSearch. Which is a document-based database (as opposed to relational). And if you add Shield to ElasticSearch, you might even get something close to Reader/Author fields. Not bad for Free.

(I mistakenly pointed an out-of-control router log at a LogStash instance running on an Intel NUC (so hardly overpowered). It generated 381,000 documents in under 5 minutes. Without breaking sweat. Performance, anyone?)

All of which are helping me build a general purpose network monitoring and analysis tool for