The Bacon and Guinness diet.

I've lost around 22lb/11kg since I got back from Orlando at the end of January. How did I do it?

I'm on a bizarre cocktail of drugs (since Lotusphere 2010) and I firmly believed that those were preventing weight loss. Last year I walked 80 miles along the Great Glen way for the Dander-4-dosh, and actually put weight on. 

I've been playing with fasting diets - where you under eat for a day or two, and then eat 'normally'. Thats a good way of resetting your blood sugar levels back to normal, but I'm not good at not eating.

One diet I did in the past - the no-carb diets such as Atkins - use excess protein as an appetite suppressant. Basically if you avoid carbs, eat meat, eggs, cheese (or other proteins) then you don't feel hungry. And if you don't feel hungry, you don't eat. Thats how these diets work. However, they are hugely unhealthy, especially over a long period of time.

Given my chaotic lifestyle - living away from home in hotels, travelling a lot, I thought 'Why not combine the two'. And so I tried that.

Basically I'd eat the cooked breakfast on the plane, and just have a protein based lunch - such as bacon, sausages and a fried egg. I wouldn't feel like eating for the rest of the day.

I'd only do this diet whilst I was travelling. Fried bacon is easy to get anywhere, and my current office in rural Oxfordshire has a good hotel (The Bear, Wantage) and a good eatery (Frydays) which can both do be the 'Bacon surprise'. (Its a surprise to the pig).

And if I fancied a pint or three in the evenings, I'd stick to Guinness on the grounds that its difficult to actually drink too much of that in one sitting. And its slightly less fattening than some of the rather wonderful real ales in Oxfordshire.

I eat bacon all the time, and drink Guinness when I feel like it.

God knows what its doing to my Cholesterol, and my blood pressure is somewhat frantic, but the weight is falling off.