Worst Practices, WISP style.

Some things I've learnt whilst being a WISP: 

  • Always check the cables on the ground. Standing on top of a 40-foot roof crimping an ethernet cable in a gale isn't sane.
  • Always bring the right fixing kit. Or at least be able to drive to somewhere where one may be purchased. 
  • Always bring enough cables, crimps, tools.  
  • If you cant see your target from the ground, adding 10m of height will probably not help. 
  • If you have equipment inside a consumer premises, always have the ability to remotely access it. Because it'll fail on the weekend the consumer is on holiday. 
  • Stray cables get bitten by dogs. 
  • That serial port on the front of the router? The one you laughed at when you first got it, stating that 'you'll never use it'. Well, when you lock down your security to such an extent that you cant gain access again, that null-modem serial cable that you threw out last year will be a godsend. 
  • Never jump into a cow-byre, no matter how dry the surface is. Nothing like sinking up to your ankles in five year old dessicated cowshit to ruin your designer trainers. 
  • Wifi doesn't reliably go through trees, no matter how much you want them to. 
  • Factory resetting a Ubiquiti Nanostation M5 can be done using the secondary port, as well as the primary port. Handy if the primary port has a hardware failure on it. 
  • When using Power over Ethernet equipment, make sure its ALL running at the same voltage. For instance, all our kit runs on 24v PoE. Well, aside from one item, who's power injector brick looks EXACTLY like the others.. 'Whats that burning smell' never leads to a good conclusion
  • Learn how to factory reset, firmware upgrade, configure and refresh configuration back in the lab. Standing in a freezing container, in the dark, being eaten alive by insects isn't the way forward.
  • Nor for that matter is standing in the rain with a box over your head and your laptop. Especially when you have an umbrella in your bag.