A Raspberry Pi Network Monitor

Thanks to the WISP work I'm doing over at Marykirk.com, I needed a cheap, low power, headless network monitor. And I thought 'you can't get cheaper than a Raspberry pi!'. 

So. What I did was: 

  1. Set up a static IP address and DNS entries
  2. Set up a VNC server, so I could view the machine remotely. I kinda went overboard and had it run appletalk so I could view it easily from the Mac.
  3. Set up LogMeIn Hamachi VPN networking, so I could easily get to the machine behind firewalls. Be sure to read the first comment on this one, as it resolves the architecture issue I had
  4. Set up a SmokePing server 

So. Probably about three hours start to finish, and I've transformed a £40 device into something very very useful.