So what do you do after staying up for 36 hours? You rent a van from Deepest Lewisham, and drive to Ikea at Lakeside. 

A work colleague just purchased a new flat, and the poor sod was sleeping on their floor. So I offered to drive the van, lug the boxes, and help build some stuff. I had promised last week, so a little thing like not getting any sleep the night before shouldn't stop it. And it didn't.

The TomTom worked flawlessly on the new version of iOS that we're not allowed to talk about (A new beta downloaded itself yesterday and has largely sorted out issues with Battery Life and the Find a Friend stuff). Thank god, because Ikea at Lakeside is a nightmare to get to. 

A mere 90 minutes - trivial to the time that SWMBO can spend in there, and we headed back to a lovely bit in Greenwich. It was fun shoving a double mattress up two flights of stairs.. And so by 11pm, the bed was complete, and I drove back to the student digs in Whitechapel in the van. 

Ever tried finding parking at 11:30pm in Whitechapel? Its a nightmare. But finally, around midnight I was in my room at the Digs. And to sleep.