Domino Database reporting..

One thing that we tried to do in our Domino Reporting presentation was to show you the joys of 'show dir -xm'. 

A lovely chap called Tomas Gumz of Lotus once mentioned to me that they kinda built the web version of the Domino administration client around this command. As it's (or was) how they fill in the files tab. Which is extraordinarily useful.

So go to your domino console and say 'Show Dir -XML' and see what's returned. Here's the information for ONE database:

<filedata notesversion="8" odsversion="51" logged="yes" backup="no" id="C1257B58:004DA951" iid="75C70C14:500D0739" link="1" dboptions="134225921,4849696,168859
  <replica id="C1257B58:004DA951" flags="8" count="1">
   <cutoff interval="90">20130224T220320,57+01</cutoff>
  <title>TestUser04 MailSizeTest</title>
  <size current="123496192" max="0" usage="122818560"/>
  <quota limit="102400" warning="51200"/>
  <unread marks="no"/>
  <daos enabled="no"/>

One of the fun things was working out the undocumented database dbOptions flags variable. However, dig deep enough into WebAdmin.ntf and you'll find some gold. 

Now. This is extraordinarily useful stuff. However we've found that if you call this from COM (Visual basic, Excel, powershell, etc), it truncates the string returned from the 'notesSession.sendConsoleCommand' call (to around 27,000 characters), and thus renders it useless. (This is what I dribbled on about during 'Meet the Developers' at Connections 2013 this year)

Which is a shame, as we'd intended to give you an entire 'whats wrong with your domino environment' reporting system - all running from humble little Excel. 

(I've now reported this as a SPR (SPR SODY98TECJ) to IBM which might result in a fix at some point. In the meantime, stick to Lotuscript..)