My Lotusphere/Connections 2013 Schedule

We're all off to the conference formerly known as Lotusphere, so if you're heading there, where can you find me? Well.

The ConnectoSphere 2013 Hog Ride.

Saturday and Sunday I'm on a Harley Davidson V-ROD with another dozen folks, exploring the highways, byways and Hooters restaurants of Central Florida. Want to come along? Check out Pauls Blog Entry.



The format is simple. The nation best known for running bars (ie, us, the British), take over Shulas bar for one evening. The bar tab is covered but entry is by INVITATION ONLY so look out for myself or one of the other hadsl chaps, such as Tony "Champion" Holder, Roy Holder or Richard Sampson for a ticket.

Reporting on your IBM Domino Environment - SHOW103 - SWAN - Osprey 1 - Wednesday 2pm

Wouter Aukema and I show Admin folks how to use simple Excel techniques to give you real world, useful, boss-pleasing reporting on your Domino environment. Techniques that might actually save your career!

(Apologies - bad eyesight and small fonts led me to believe this was in Dolphin)

Worst Practices - BP108 - Dolphin - North A-C - Main Stage - Wednesday 5:30pm

Paul Mooney and I will be back with all new content, some new gags and a whole bunch of reasons why you don't want your story up here on stage next year. The usual 'learning by sarcasm' session.

And despite rumours, both Paul and I will be visible on the main stage as we present, despite being 'little fellahs'.



All of the BP speakers will be up on stage to answer your questions. Most of us at that point will be trying to hide and avoid speaking :-)