My Wife, the Sadist

As you all know, I've been married to the wonderful, forgiving She Who Must Be Obeyed for over 25 years now. And each Christmas, we challenge each other to give really interesting presents.

This year, she's outdone herself.

The Watch

So this is a watch. With perhaps the most incomprehensible typeface on the planet. Very cool. Its driving me nuts.

But thats not all. She also gave me this:

A barrel of whisky

Wait, I hear you say. She's given you a barrel of whisky? Whats the problem with that?!

Well, the point of this small barrel is to age clear spirit into whisky. So after I've poured a 62.5% bottle of clear spirit in here, I have to wait 3-6 months for it to age.. 

I have to say, she's outdone herself this year. I love her.