Connections 2013 / Lotusphere Show And Tell 103 - Reporting on Domino

As you are probably aware, Wouter Aukema and I were to present a 'Show And Tell' session at IBM Connections 2013, in Orlando. Unfortunately, we had to cancel this session.

My job on the team was to create a reporting tool in Excel (based on some excellent code from Wouter) and then lead the end-users through the process of using this tool, and then show how the tooling was put together in detail. However, when I came to finish the presentation I realised that I had painted myself into a corner - offering to show administrators a no-code way of reporting on their Domino environment, but then having them write code in Excel. 

I humbly apologise to Paul Mooney, Gab Davis and Christian Holsing - the Show and Tell Track managers, as well as Kirsten Keen and the rest of the content team at Connections 2013. I also humbly apologise to Wouter who was very patient with me through this entire process.  And I have to apologise to everyone who wanted to come and see this session.

The fault lies with me, and my failure to really think through what we were actually presenting when we wrote the abstract.

I have to also thank all of the above who gave us tremendous support and assisted in any way possible to get this out the door. 

The good news is that all this content still exists - as does the Excel sheet. Once the conference is over we shall publish it all.