The Pico Genie A100 Projector

My darling wife - She Who Must Be Obeyed - saved up and bought me a Pico Genie A100 projector for our wedding anniversary. She knows I'm a geek gadget fan, and when I unwrapped this on Friday - the 'Squeeee!' could be heard for miles.

Its an iphone 3/4 'sleeve'/case with a 15 lumens projector and battery pack. So its about 1cm thick, and lighter than the phone itself. It also has a battery pack and will charge the iPhone too, and claims to have 3 hours projection time. Pretty damn good. It only has one switch - one way for charge, and flick the other way for a few seconds to switch the projector on and off. Since the instructions only came in Chinese, we did spend a few minutes figuring it out. 

Tonight, in the pub, I demonstrated it to some mates by projecting some pictures on the roof (white). Randoms were walking up, demanding to know about it. And tonight, when I went to see Judge Dredd, I sat in a near empty cinema (30 minutes early) and projected onto the main screen (they hadnt started using it yet!) from about 20 meters away, and got a very watchable image that must have been 25 feet wide. (Its only a 15 lumen projector, but the Cinema was pretty dark, and they do have good screens).

At this point, you have to actually put it on something as even the steadiest hand will make the projected image bounce around like a jelly on a rollercoaster. Unsurprisingly. 

I then had to fight off the geeks wanting to play with it. Well, it was Judge Dredd after all. Geek central. My Geek ego swelled enormously. 

Impressive. Go get one here.