Einsten came into our lives on the 28th of January 2012, as a little ball of fur. David Clark had just bought Harley - his brother, and put this picture up on facebook

Baby Einstein

SWMBO saw that picture, and it thawed her heart.. So we picked him up from deepest rural shire and took him home. Here he is playing with his brother Harley:

The Red Collie Collective

Training classes followed. Collies are very intelligent - far more intelligent than say project managers or call centre operators - and need to be stretched mentally.

Puppy Classes

Now, he's almost fully grown. The vet claims he wont gain height, but will fill out a little.

Einstein on St Cyrus Beach.

The nice thing about living in the Mearns is of course, lots of really good walks. So quite a lot, the red collie collective go down the North Esk (and try and drink it dry)

Einstein and Harley at the North Esk