Microsoft Remote Desktop Client

I have to use this a lot on clients sites. And I always end up with a whole shedload of .RDP files containing all the gubbins necessary to connect to the remote servers. However, I keep finding myself googling for two things that RDP files can contain over and over.

1. Admin mode or Console Mode.

Pre windows 2008 R2 had a 'connect-to-console:i:1' option which allowed you to connect to the machine console. The later version no longer has this. What you have to do is to add '/admin' at the end of the address line. For instance:

full address:s: /admin

2. Connect my workstations C: Drive to the remote machine 

Because there's nothing more irritating than finding that you can't get the ID file or whatnot on tot the remote machine. Just add this line:

drivestoredirect:s:System (C:);