Expenses tracking.

The bane of my life is expense tracking. I always seem to end up with a carrier bag of receipts that are a nightmare for my long suffering bookkeeper to sort out.. Something had to be done.

Last year, I pushed my company onto Xero.com - an online accounting system. And it's fantastic. Auto downloads the bank information. I can access it from anywhere. Loving it. So t made sense to look for an online expense tracking system that interfaced with that. Well, twitter to the rescue. Paul Rigby recommended Expense magic.. So I thought I'd give it a whirl.

You create the account online, and from there you can web-upload receipts. And set up the link between expense magic and other accounts systems, such as Xero. Then you download an iPhone app..

From there you can buy a subscription - I opted for 90 days for £20. And started taking photos of receipts. I think I did 100 in about 30 minutes - so it could be faster. However, once the backlog was done, taking individual receipts is a doodle, as I did this morning for my breakfast.

I also liked the idea that I could email in receipts - so I can finally claim all those sub $10 receipts from online purchases that I don't usually bother with.

I've yet to see the output from this - I'll update this and the result of a support query later this week.

So far, thumbs up,

Update: I've now done 131 receipts - 100 from the iPhone and the rest via eMail. And the wee accounts gnomes at ExpenseMagic have looked at the scans, typed em all up. Fantastic work. Far more detailed than I would ever have done. 

The support mail exchange went really well - prompt, well thought out responses in clear text. They've obviously committed and enthusiastic.


Conclusion: Recommeded. Thumbs up.