A new motorbike?

After the BLUG trip around Europe, I was really itching to get a new bike. Something more set up towards touring and something with more torque (so you can just sit in a gear instead of fishing for the right one all the time).

A Kawasaki Versys 650 tourer sounded perfect. And with a zero percent finance deal, only £100 down and £210 a month. So I popped into the dealer in Aberdeen, and tried to get on one. It was about an inch and a half too tall for me. There was no way (without platform soles) that I'd get my feet on the ground. Something that I like to do when I stop at lights, for instance. Or try and park. 

The good news was that there was an aftermarket knuckle fitting for the rear damper which lowered the seat more than enough. Fantastic. Could they fit it and I'd go for a test drive? 

Ah. No. I'd have to buy it myself (around £100) and have them fit it, so I could get a test drive. "Okay", I said, "I'll think about it".

I then went around to the BMW dealership in Aberdeen. Got there and there was a big RT1200 at the door. Excellent. I went in, holding a motorcycle helmet, and asked the nice receptionist where the bike sales were. 'Dundee' came the answer.

'Wait. So here in Aberdeen, the oil capital of Europe, and home to a huge number of engineers who all love riding bikes - they have to go 30 miles south to actually buy a BMW?"

"Yes". So I left.

All of a sudden my 22 year old ZZR 600 was a lot more comfortable, responsive and above all - short - than anything else I could think of. Perhaps next year.

So on the way home, wearing normal trousers, battling a 30mph headwind and punching through a sudden cold downpour - I still grinned.