The View Admin/Developer conference 2012 - Washington DC

I'm one of the many speakers you might want to catch up with at The View in Washington DC May 16-18th. I'll be presenting:

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Lotuscript - a full-fat, 90 minute expansion of the BLUG presentation I did earlier this year
  • Web Services. An overhaul and update of the web services presentations, including xPages REST and v8.x client experiences, as well as calling Web services from c#, Flex, etc.

I wont have much time there - I arrive late Wedesday night, and thanks to commitments at the Marykirk Raft Race on the following Sunday, I have to leave on Friday afternoon.  Tony and I will be manning the hadsl booth

On a personal aside, I'm really hoping to get to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum for an hour - I was last there when I was 12, and I'm sure its got some great new stuff since I last visited...