Sponsoring User Groups

I''ve been most remiss in keeping you all up to date.

Hadsl - the company behind FirM - the best user management tool in the Domino Community is sponsoring at least two user group events in the next few weeks:


  • BLUG - the Belgian User group event ran by Theo. Its a fantastic event, in a very nice city - Antwerp - in a very nice country - Belgium - famous for beer and chocolate. Well, thats two of my favourite things to start with.

    I'll be presenting Everything you ever wanted to know about Lotuscript

    xPages as we've been told is the future, but there's a very large amount of lotuscript-based business critical apps out there. My session intends to give you the low down on everything you need to know, including maintaining, coding, tricks, traps and pratfalls. 

    Richard Sampson, the quiet and studious member of HADSL will be manning the stand. 

    Just to add difficulty to this, Paul Mooney has insisted I drive my 22 year old motorbike (currently being repaired after its last outing with Mooney!) on a 1,500 mile, 7 country, 4 ferry marathon. Whats the betting it'll actually get there and back again?
  • Roy and Tony are going down to AUSLUG in Melbourne, for its second year. Roy will be going down a wee bit early to see the Formula 1 season kickoff - he being a first class Petrolhead. So if you have the absolute pleasure of going to Auslug - and I wish I was - go and say hi to Roy and Tony.


Later in the year, we're also sponsoring UKLUG in September and look forward to that too.

Its going to be a fun year!