So how good is 'hidden'

I thought I'd test my 'hidden' installation. This is what it came back with:



It came back with a location less than 15 meters away. Its at the wrong end of my house... In rural Scotland. Not bad. And it came back with screen shots (I'd to blot most of it out) and flicked my on-board camera on (without me noticing it). Both images, when clicked, go full res.

So is it good? Yes.

Okay. It relies on the scrote who nicked it to switch it on, plug it into the internet, and be stupid enough to be caught. Fine. And that might never happen. They might just wipe the machine and resell it. Well thats fine by me - at least all my personal data won't have been harvested. 

If they do switch it on, I have a nice evidence pile ready for the police.

Is it worth it? Yes.