Apple Newbie List

A friend of mine recently got a new Macbook Air and will blame me if it doesnt work. So I quickly dashed off this list (He's not a developer - more a senior business user - so no development tools)

  1. Google and download 'Perian' - its a free codec pack meaning you can view all those dodgy internet video formats
  3. Stick on it (the free edition). Handy for getting back into those machines you might have left at home.
  4. Buy 'hidden'. Its excellent.
  5. Mozy online internet backup.
  6. Either an external USB hard drive or an Apple Time Capsule for time-machine backups. Invaluable.
  7. A decent soft case. You will drop it.
  8. Relevant dongles for VGA, HDMI and DVI video output. You're a presentation sort of guy.
  9. Keynote. From the apple mac store. Honestly. Its the best Powerpoint killer out there. You'll love it.
  10. The Apple remote. For presentations. And lying in bed, watching TV.
  11. Buy and download Air Display for your iPad (iTunes store). Use your iPad as a second screen for your Mac, when you need it.
  12. Buy iPassword for all your computers and mobile devices, and use Dropbox to keep them in sync. Now go through every single one of your online systems and give them strong, unique passwords. 
  13. If you've never heard of a 'Get Things Done' app, go download Things on all your Mac and iOS devices. 
  14. If you are *really* paranoid, get a small external USB drive/SSD, and use SuperDuper! to image your drive over there regularly. So when your main drive/SSD goes 'phut', you just plug in the USB one and you're up and running. 
  15. Pixelmator - a cheap, quick, image editing tool. Far easier (and cheaper!) than Photoshop.

So whats on your newbie list for the Mac?

(I'm really glad I was asked for this as I've just switched Macs and forgot to put Hidden back on there. So its worth reviewing once in a while)