Multi-ADSL Home setup

Living in ruralshire is hard. If you're not in an Urban area here in the UK, BT basically ignore you. It would appear that the governments attempt at incentivising them by giving them money to provide better rural broadband has backfired - now they expect this money before they even consider upgrading rural exchanges.

So my exchange - Northwaterbridge - was one of the last to get ADSL in the UK. And I have no doubt that it'll be one of the last in the UK to get ADSL2 - 24mb instead of 8. Fibre to the cabinet ? Forget it. Virgin Broadband ? Nope. Just like every other rural exchange in the UK - we can forget it.

Sick of the blistering 2mb download speed I get - and thats good by local standards (I know a chap with a whole 0.8mb download speed - just twice that of dialup)  - I decided to put in a second ADSL line (at ruinous cost - believe me) and try and bond the lines together. Well, after a whole year of trying to get PFSense to do this, I finally caved and got a proper router. Thankfully, in that year, a slew of dual WAN routers have appeared at reasonable (sub £500) cost.

I chose a T-Link ER6120 - which gives two WAN ports, load balancing, DHCP, VPN and all the other toys you'd expect from a grown up router. I also went out and purchased two very simple ADSL modem devices - D-Link DSL-320B devices. I switched the latter into 'Bridge' mode (thus switching off their NAT, DHCP, etc) and plugged the ISP's details into the ER5120 - and by jove, it's working!

(Previously, I had a 'double-NAT' issue where the incoming BiPac 7800N's were NAT'ing, and the pfSense firewall was also NATing. Thus making incoming VOIP a bit of a bugger)

In terms of speed, the D-Link ADSL modems aren't as good at long line ASDL as the BiPac 7800N's I used before - so there's some tweaking to be done on those. And when I have some more time, there's a UPS that I need to drag in from the cybershed to back up all this stuff (and the VoiP Phone system). But the difficult part is done.

Configurationwise, the T-Link device is easy to use, and gives just enough diagnostics to work well. Lets see if it lasts the first week.