An open letter to David Dyson - CEO of Three.

Mr Dyson, 
I'm writing to you about my utter frustration with Three customer service.
Let me give you a bottled version of the issue. 
This year, I switched my three work phones to the Three network, as I had been very impressed with the three network mobile data capability. However, when all 3 numbers had been switched over, we found that we had no signal in our house (in AB30 1UT). It appears to be in a dip. 
At that point, Three were in the process of bringing out Booster Boxes/Femtocells, so I called customer services and asked for one, explaining that this would be the only way we could get our mobile phones working at home.
After 8 weeks of to-ing and fro-ing and escalating with customer services, we were finaly told 'No - these are for handset-contract customers only. SIM contracts are not enough. Thank you for your business, but goodbye'.  This is incredibly frustrating. Your competitor - Vodafone - will happily sell anyone a femtocell, and indeed, I offered to pay the £50 or so it would cost for the box.
All to no avail. This seems to be a regular Three customer service issue. Whilst the indian call center employees are clear, courteous, intelligent and infomed, they are not allowed to use any form of initiative and stray from the policy set by head office.
Fine. So I tranferred the phones and thought no more of it.
This weekend, I finally cracked, and entered a Three store.
'I'll sign up for an iPhone handset contract if you can guarantee me a Femtocell'. The shop staff kindly called head office and found out that even with my previous, recorded history and femtocell analysis (all of which proved I needed one), the answer was NO.
I was supposed to buy a handset, go home, find it didnt work, then spend eight weeks haggling with Three customer support, and perhaps I might get one.
Well. You are CEO of Three. This is your company. This is your policy.
Can you tell me if this seems utterly pointless and/or stupid? Because from my point of view - that of a high-value, IT savvy customer - it does seem deranged.
Anything to add to this?

This was sent on Monday 3rd of December, and no response has been received yet.

Update: On the 21st of December, I was told that yes, I could get a femtocell.