Three Customer Service - a lesson to us all.

So this weekend, after five hours Christmas shopping, I cracked. I walked into a Three mobile phone shop and said:

"I want an iPhone 5 on contract with you. But I'll only do it if you can guarantee me that you'll give me a base station/femtocell/booster box"

I then patiently explained that I used to have FOUR separate SIM cards on three, that worked really well everywhere, but NOT in my house. I then spent MONTHS trying to PAY them for a femtocell, just for them to say 'no'. So we already know that my house doesn't have coverage, and that I have broadband.

To their credit, they called up Head Office, and explained. And Head Office basically said 'No, they have to buy a phone contract first, then call us (how?) when it doesn't work. At which point we shall consider giving him a femtocell'


Congratulations, Three. I was ready to give you a second chance, but your customer service is so badly set up and inflexible, you failed. Again.

I'll try again in a couple of years to see if you've changed.