falling in love

When I ordered the Beamer, I thought I'd hate it.. Big, slow, unresponsive boat. But no..

A few hundred miles in and I think I'm really starting to like it. Oh god it's slow compared to the sports cars I had before. Don't get me wrong, you can get faster versions of this too. But in terms of driving, it's very very good, I can see why people rave about them now. I'm having to adapt my driving style - which is not a bad thing. I can see many happy miles ahead of me in this car.

All the toys work really well. And work easily thanks to the hockey puck joystick, I had the phone paired and working in less than a minute, and joy of joys found that this car had satnav and an 8 cd changer. As well as the ability to play podcasts from the iPhone. (I always get a car based on a deal, and have no control over the equipment. I'm glad the person who put this deal together went hog wild with the options list)

I've driven a recent GM car on the stormy night drive from London, and I hated it. The controls were bizarre, frustrating and shone onto the inside of the screen. Quite the worst car I've ever driven. This, on the other hand is the best. Easy, simple layout, not distracting. Everything just works and works well.

That's when you realise that these chaps really really care about their cars. I can imagine some chap in Germany whose only job is to care about the stereo.. I'd hate to be trapped in a lift with him - but I love being in his car.