After the flood

On friday October 12th, 2012, the North Esk broke its banks.


This is the Gamekeepers/Fishermans hut on the North Esk. Its about 15 feet above the normal level of the river. And what you see there is that the road beside it has been removed by the water - about 3 feet of it.

I usually walk past the hut and admire the chains keeping it down, as well as the wee rock wall beside it, and think 'Naaa. It'll never get this high'.

But it did. Amazing. To give you an idea, this is what it looked like on Friday afternoon. The river was still 2-3 feet above its normal level.


Its a 12 foot drop to the river from where I was standing. And the water made it over the we hillock on the right - another 3 feet up.