The Biggest Social Loser - 2012

During Lotusphere, Victor Kranz (now in the IBM competitive team) suggested that he and I support each other in quitting smoking, and losing 50 pounds in weight before Lotusphere 2013. And that we should call it 'The Biggest Social Loser 2012'. 

Unfortunately, we discussed this in front of the peanut gallery, and before we could stop them, sponsors were being organised, bets were being made, forfeits negotiated. I think we even did a 'This Week in Lotus' interview, but it was quite late, and we were 'tired and emotional'.

Basically, if we smoke between Sunday and next Lotusphere, we donate $200 (USD) to a worthy Childrens Cancer charity. If we fail to make our weight loss - around 1 pound a week (and therefore a sane diet plan), then its another $100 to charity.

Scary stuff indeed.

Well, Victor and I are still up for it. The Domain '' has been purchased and a site placed there in the next few days. The first weigh in - for me - happened this morning and I weigh 265 pounds. My last cigarette was in the early hours of Saturday morning, on my balcony at the Sheraton Safari Suites in Orlando.

As we get the website together, we shall invite folks to place bets on our success (or otherwise) and post more information on the nominated charity.