Mobile data roaming - the next scam

As you've probably read, I'm a pretty unhappy O2 customer. 

Yesterday reinforced this somewhat. I landed at Newark Airport in the Garden State of Noo Joisey, and thought - why not turn on data roaming for a little while to catch up on email?

So they charge £6. A MEG. (Normally I pay £15 a month for 3 GIG). Okay. And they'll text me after I've burned through £17 worth, and then again at £34. Okay. So no bill-shock of thousands of pounds.

So I turned it on my iPhone, refreshed mail. Then opened my iPhone facebook account. Then opened my iPhon twitter account. Pretty much what runs all the time in the UK.

Within 12 minutes - I got the 'You've burned through £17' text. 12 minutes. Thats over £1 ($1.50, €120,000) a MINUTE.

Sod that for a game of soldiers. My McMerican friends have advised me on various PAYG Mifi options here in Florida, and I'm off on a road trip. I'll update it when I get my device.

So. If you learn anything from this, learn to switch off mobile data roaming. Your carrier will rip you off till your ass bleeds.