And this is why Windows drives me nuts.

So at Casa Buchan, aside from the sweetness of Macs, there's a whole bunch of other stuff. AIX machines, Solaris machines, linux machines, and windows of almost any flavour. My main workhorse for client-who-cannot-be-named-v2.0 is a win2k8 server, running on a very nice motherboard. As well as Domino servers, DDE, I also run vmware server 2.0 (which is long in the tooth but still works) on it for hosting client test workstations. 

Cool. But I found that the on-board adaptor only ran at 100mb. Ouch. So after much research, found new drivers, spent time rebuilding the machine, etc, etc. Still ran at 100mb. So I went and bought a 1gb PCIX ethernet card - fantastic. Plugged it in, reconfigured, and.. Still 100mb. AAAARRRRGHHH. Swapped out cables, gigabit hubs, the whole 9 yards. 

Remember, each time there was a reconfiguration, it'd take 3-5 minutes to reboot again. 

Some lateral thinking this morning (Its amazing what an all-nighter skin full of coffee will do) and I found the only common denominator was actually the vmware bridge drivers. oh. crap.

So yeah, enabled both ethernet cards (that was fun) and behold - I now have a 1gb card running at 1gb hosting all the normal stuff, and a 100mb/s card running just vmware bridge.

Oh. Thank. God.

Does this happen on a Mac ? No. Walled Gardens have pros, as well as cons. The pros' being that you're not dealing with shonky sodding drivers all the time.