Roadsense - stop the nonsense!

I moved back to Aberdeenshire around 1990 for a job in the oil business, and we've been happily located in South Aberdeenshire ever since. The A90 - the main road between Edinburgh and Aberdeen - is the main route in and out of town.

And its a nightmare. Since they built the A90 in the mid-eighties, it has encouraged a massive travelling workforce from commuter towns. However, the A90 hasnt really been upgraded to cope with all this traffic.

An Aberdeen Bypass has been on the cards since the 1990's - and is currently being objected to. Despite the obvious benefits - for instance, despite being only 30 miles south of Aberdeen, its faster for me to drive to Edinburgh airport - 90 milles south. Such is the horror of the A90.

So there's now a petition which you can sign which tells the main objectors group - roadsense - to stop the nonsense. I encourage all you Aberdeeenshire-based folks to sign it, so we can actually gain access to Aberdeen again.

The petition is here

Update: The NIMBY's want to object again, but use public money. The petition has reached 12,000 signatures a week after it started.