The VW 'Touch' car kit saga finishes.

Regular readers will recall I've been having issues with a VW branded and fitted car kit. 

This issue has now reached an end point. Here's an email from VW UK outlining their position:

Dear Mr Buchan

Thank you for your emails dated 3 June 2011 and for your patience whilst this matter has been investigated further. Having had the opportunity to speak to XXXXXXXXXXX, the Service Manager at Barnetts Volkswagen in Dundee, and with XXXXXXXXXX of our Accessories Technical Support Team, I am now in a position to respond.

Mark has confirmed that the touch phone kit that was sold with your vehicle does not include the auxilliary wire that is required to stream music from your phone to the speakers in your Volkswagen Scirocco. He is confident that they have fitted the kit correctly. If you require this function, any of our Volkswagen Approved Retailers would be happy to assist in fitting the wire.

Michael has advised that the issue with the address book stems from the iPhone 4 software rather than the touch phone kit. Our Technical Team have provided a solution for the address book issue and it is not possible to pair two bluetooth phones to the device.

The kit was fit for purpose at the time of sale and the remaining issues you have encountered have only become evident since you began to use the iPhone 4. I cannot therefore agree to your request for a full refund.

I appreciate this is not the response you were hoping for. However, I trust I have explained the reasons behind it clearly.

Thank you for contacting Volkswagen UK.

Yours sincerely

So basically, 'tough'. I now have an expensive, useless car kit stuck to my dashboard, reminding me of this sorry episode every time I get in my car.

The final conclusion is this. NEVER NEVER NEVER buy a car-kit from a car manufacturer.

Every other part of the VW experience - especially from Barnetts in Dundee has been excellent. My next car will be from them. They are without doubt the best dearship I've ever dealt with.

However VW UK has decided to rebrand a Bury car-kit, and then not support it. And the onus is on the customer - as we can see above - to predict what phone they pick, in order that it be supported by VW. If I had went to halfords and purchased the same (unbranded) unit, I could update the firmware myself from the Bury web site and I'd be a happy bunny.

Lesson learned.