NAS Drives and performance...

I'm mostly working from home these days, with short visits to civilisation to keep in touch with folks. So, my attention is being directed to Casa Buchans' infrastructure.

I have a couple of NAS devices - a nice wee Netgear Readynas Duo with 4gb of storage, and a Netgear Stora with 2gb of disk. There's also the 'monster' win2k8 server with 4tb of drive. 

So when I copy to the readyNas device, it averages a mere 10mb/s over gigabit. 10mb/s ? Thats pitifully slow. Like a terrabyte backup (not unheard of these days) will take most of a day.

Talking to a chap at work - he's running a windows 7 box with a RAID SATA controller, big processor, lots of memory. And he's getting a consistent 80mb/s, peaking at 120mb/s (which is maxing out gigabit ethernet). 

Can anyone with a bigger/better NAS device give me comparative figures? Because at around £400 for a 6tb windows 7 machine, that looks the far cheaper option.


Any other ideas?