Beer Tasting at BrewDog

Brewdog have two bars - one in Aberdeen, and one in Edinburgh. One opens soon in Glasgow. And in the bar, they run a beer tasting class. This helps one appreciate the entire range of their beers, from Punk IPA right up to Tokyo Star (16.5%), via some very interesting things like the Alice Porter (possibly my favourite).

They're big on flavour. Really big. And we got to play with the 'End of History' taxidermied Squirrel bottle (sadly empty). This was a 54% beer, only 12 were made, and over 1,000 liters of beer was produced to chill filter into these 12 normal sized, £700 a shot, bottles.

The last one out on the tasting was 'Royal Virility Performance' in honour of the Royal Wedding this year. Check the list of ingredients..

Unfortunately, Dave (who organised this with his kung-fu Groupon skills) and I had to run to the last train. Well, possibly fortunately, as if we'd stayed there any longer, we might have tried a £5 shot glass of 'Bismark' (A mere 44%) beer..

Good night, well recommended.