SSD's a go-go

A few days ago, I decided to try and prolong the life of WeeBook - my 13" Macbook Pro. CPU wise and Memory wise, its fine, but even its hybrid drive is starting to appear slow.

A year go, I replaced the DVD drive with a second drive bay - some £15 thing off eBay, so since I had a second drive avaialble to me, I didnt have to sell the first-born in order to get a 512gb SSD. The 128gb SSD from Crucial appeared to fit the bill, and since they had already matched it with my Mac, I knew it'd fit. (Crucial are good that way).

So after a day of moving data around, and backing stuff up, I finally used SuperDuper! to image my hybrid drive (once I had got its usage down to less than 128gb!) onto the SSD. And swapped the drives.

I must admit, even after being in the PC hardware game since 1985, this always fills me full of dread. But no. 1 minutes later, and Weebook was firing on all cylinders. Now all I have to do is resize the old drive (which the Mac Disk Utility does without third-party assistance!) and off we go. 

If youre happy invalidating the warranty on your machine - it really is an easy operation. And easily reversible too.

So. Performance. Boot time down from 90+ seconds on the hybrid (and that was down from 2.5+ minutes!) to sub 30 seconds. Notes client load time down from 'Oh God Kill Me Now!' to under 10 seconds.

Oh. And its quieter, and I fully anticipate it to run cooler, with slightly better battery life. 

Worth every penny. Just make sure you have a good, reliable backup system. I run time machine, SuperDuper!. Mozy for when I'm out and about, and have an online backup on the second drive. Paranoid, I know, but easy to set up.