Here, in the UK, up to 35 Super-Injunctions are though to exist. These are essentially gagging-orders preventing Media reporting on particular facets of an individuals life. One such person has a world-wide order which prevents ANYONE talking about a particular persons background.

Lets be clear here. I dont know who any of these folks are, and I dont particularly care. But.

In this day and age, surely every one of us is a media person. Imagine if I had inadvertantly talked about someone in this very blog. Would I be liable?

Imagine for a second I worked in the same company as one of these folks. I dont know if I do - as we're not told who the super-injunction is against. Would I be liable in any way, shape or form, if I had used an internal social media site, blog, email function, to talk to this person?

This all gets very squirrely very quickly. Is there a three-strike and your out policy? Or do the lawyers just come and take your house away?

Interesting times, when it appears that a single individual can spend considerable amounts of money and attain themselves far more protection under law than any other individual. And in a manner so secret that anyone may immediately become liable.

Sounds very Soviet-USSR and/or Catch-22 to me.

Update: The Telegraph hints that it doesnt apply to us..

Update 2: Some advice from Guido Fawkes (Possibly NSFW)...