UKLUG 2011

Phew. Its been a very busy few days helping out at UKLUG. As usual, Warren and Kitty Elsmore have done an amazing job in organising the event, and have picked a fantastic venue - the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. And just for Paul, they've laid on a Custom Harley Davidson exhibition. 

Sessionwise, great speakers. From a Dev point of view, its been geek heaven - all the usual xPages gurus and some very cool stuff happening.

Announcements wise we finally got confirmation of the Lotus Branding issue. IBM are dropping ALL their brands - Tivoli, Websphere, Rational, Lotus and DB2- and everything will just be an IBM product. Finally. And thank god. Existing customers and business partners such as us will just see a slight blue-wash to the product names, and - gasp - IBM will actually have to MARKET their products! Yay!

Heading back in this morning...