So what have I been up to?

Recently, the main client (the client-who-cannot-be-named) has had me doing various bits and pieces around interfacing dot-net, active directory and Domino data sources. 

I've gottta say that after the 10-year development hiatus of Domino Designer (followed by the apoplectic rage inducing Domino Designer 8.5.2), Visual Studio 2010 is an absolute joy to work with. Its snappy, fast, modern. I can mix languages, res-use code between projects. And joy of joy - a functional debugger. 

Its good to get back to more mainstream development work now and again, and its a joy to use a modern IDE-based development environment.

I've been doing serious stuff with Active Directory SSO login (from both web clients and web services in an enterprise environment), and our two HUGE domino application users never have to ever deal with Domino http passwords. The best of both worlds.

I'll have to blog some of my findings, and i suspect that a lot of this experience will end up in a presentation I'm doing at AdminCamp later this year. It'll be invaluable to those folks who want to retain Domino's (albeit cranky) RAD with AD-based infrastructures.

The message is - Domino is not a silo. Modern dot-net based web services (perhaps using LINQ) can really extend the reach of these applications. And guess what - the customers are happy.