Busy week.

So this week was busy. Aberdeen on Tuesday for a test (which I failed), Wednesday in London (after a 3am start), Thursday - resat test (passed). This means that I'm finally a Dual-PCLP in v3, v4, v5, v6,v7 and now v8.

And on Thursday afternoon...

I left the office, made it to the station one minute after a train to Gatwick Airport. And the next one was cancelled. Unfortunately, the broken computer signs at London Bridge meant that I got onto a train (claiming to be Gatwick) that instead wanted to head to Dover. Two hours later - made it to Gatwick. Usual Journey time - 30 minutes. Missed flight. final flight full.

And so I rented a car... (Well, they claim it was a car. It was a Hyundai I30. If you ever get offered one of these, just refuse. No. Really). And drove 440 miles to Edinburgh airport.

Dropped off the hire car, and picked up my own car, and drove the final 100 miles home. (Travel tip: Best service station on the M6 - Westmoreland. Unfortunately, the cost of fuel - £1.48 - TWENTY PENCE a litre more than normal - means it'll be the last time I'll ever stop there)

Sheesh. Tomorrow - well later on today -  is going to be just as busy, and since I'm doing a release on Saturday (as well as clearing the Barn, getting the bike serviced and packing for New Zealand) - its not going to get much better.

And hurrah - its my company year end this week!

Why oh why do I always leave stuff to the last minute?