Aberdeen needs a bypass

On the way home from Aberdeen, at the Altens exit, we saw this. Its a full-sized lorry on its side, and had shed what looks like bricks or rubble across both lanes of the dual carriageway. Another lorry was damaged, and at least one car had its front flattened. 

Police and Ambulances were in attendance.

The A90 - the main road from the south (or 'The rest of Britain') to Aberdeen was blocked. And I think it might remain blocked for some hours to come.

Yes. Aberdeen. Oil capital of Europe. At least 200,000 people. And there's one miserable congested dual-carriageway to it from the south. And one (15 mile long one) from the north. The European road network stops at the Bridge of Dee, in Aberdeen.


Because some bunch of luddites and Nimby's have been blocking the Aberdeen bypass for what seems like forever. 

I suspect they wont bother apologising to anyone hurt in this accident for the terrible road system to Aberdeen. Nor the insane amount of congestion it sees every day.

No. i think they'd be happy if Aberdeen returned to 1950's style single lane roads. They just tend to forget as Scotlands fourth largest city, it actually needs to live in the 21st century, and needs a road network to match. Not something last added to in 1984.

The sooner this gets fixed, the better. And perhaps we'd see far less accidents of this nature. 

Update: @ABzQuine was kind enough to send me this photo of a plan. From 1949. 

Update 2: There are no reported injuries. Thank god.


Update 3: The driver had a RoadHawk:

This appears to show a car coming down the slip road - IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!

And here's some video after a lane had been opened: