iPhone, Traveller, Battery Drain and Password Reset.

I'm very impressed with Lotus Traveller on Domino. Its good. Really good.

Okay. So I have an iPhone4, a domino server, traveller, and it picks up mail. Excellent. And its been doing it for months and months.

So a few weeks ago, I decide that as I'm changing ALL my online passwords, its time to change my Domino http password. So I change it. And just for good measure, I enable the password lockout feature on Domino.

And for the next couple of days, my iPhone battery drains. Like completely in less than 4 hours, instead of lasting for days. Even plugging it into the charger wont actually charge it to 100%. And its hot to touch. Not good.

Being an idiot, I didnt think to change the password on my 'exchange' account on the iPhone. And it was trying to pick up mail from Domino. And retrying very frequently. Like a few times a minute, I'm guessing. And of course thats lighting up the GPS/3g/Wifi network link, and so forth.

Of course, I only noticed when I went into mail on the iPhone and got 'Cant connect to server'. Given that its connecting to four or five servers, I didnt think much of it.

Getting frustrated, I booked an appointment with the Genius bar at the Applestore in Covent Garden, London. Wonderful place. Well.

An hour before the appointment, I finally put two and two together, checked the password lockout stuff, and then tried to change my password on my person document to something matching something in the iPhone Exchange account.

Well. With password lockout switched on, I found that I had about 30 seconds to actually get it right before the account locked again. Its that fast.

So. Just saying. If your users change passwords on their domino http account (as they should, frequently), watch out for any traveler -driven iPhones, Android, Whatever phones. Will it update the password on the remote device ? Or will it just lock the user out (if you have enabled password lockout). Certainly something worth testing, and something worth notifying support about. 

(hint: Tell the remote user to enable airplane mode, change the password on the device, change the password on Domino, remote the lockout record for the user, test the login using a web browser - because of course the password change isn't always immediate.. )

Just thought I'd document my 'worst practice' so other folks searching for these symptoms might find my experience.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still very impressed with Traveller. I'm just less impressed with the password reset mechanism and the iPhones persistence in calling home (and locking itself out).