The Curse of Jetlag

I came home from Lotusphere via Newark airport with Continental this year - primarily to avoid having to use Gatwick airport. An excellent choice, as the connection at Newark was easy and stress free. I was also very impressed with the Continental service from Newark to Edinburgh - less than six hours. 

I got out of Edinburgh around 6:45 - a whole hour earier than billed - which was excellent. Made it home by 9am, and basically slept the whole of Saturday and Sunday.

On recollection, this is usually where I list all the new news about Notes and Domino. Well. It can be summarised thus:


  • No new marketing campaign
  • Vulcan will be fantastic
  • If you havent learnt xPages yet - do it now. (I personally recommend by Matt White and the Mastering xPages book)
  • Umm.. Yes. xPages is great
  • The Harry Potter ride at Universal is excellent. Pity we'd to hand our beers in before going on the ride. That would have been amusing...


Dont get too attached to the word 'Lotus' in the titles of the product. This may stay, this may go. We shall see. Personally I dont give two hoots. If it goes however, we might actually get some marketing cover. That might mean press coverage, ads, air-cover. We shall see - this is pure speculation after all.