LogMeIn Hamachi

Logmein Hamachi is a personal VPN service, hosted by the good folks at Logmein. You know them - stellar, solid remote machine access. 

So Hamachi is a nice GUI wrapped around a multi-platform VPN solution. Its a case of creating a new network then logging into logmein from each machine, and adding the client to the network. Simple. Takes about 5 minutes per client. 

Then you get this:

(Please excuse my rather brutal erasure here. 

So what we get is a personal network - I've configured this as a mesh so all machines can connect to each other - on the 5.x.x.x range. And thats all there is to it!

What this means is that you could possibly host your machines in the cloud - say at Prominic - but not let any public access to things like Notes or Web ports should you wish. And of course it works on 'dialup' or wireless or ADSL connections with non-static IP addresses.

No mess, no fuss. I'm very impressed so far.