This years Lotusphere bag...

I've been to most Lotuspheres since 1997, and one thing I tend to do is reuse the Bag as a general purpose computer rucksack for short trips. Most weeks, I'm away for a wee while, so the 2007 bag I used was getting a little - well - soiled. To its credit, its humped 30kg of weight, its been abused, and its done more miles than a New York Taxi. 

So I've been trying this years one. Its a lot smaller, and some of the stitching is coming loose already - not a good sign. Its not very big - just a couple of days of chemical-warfare proof underwear and plastic covered shirts as opposed to 14 days road trip on the motorbike - but I've been trying to declutter in any case.

This morning, around 5am as I was driving across the Forth Road Bridge, I found it had a handy wee side-pocket for all those wee bits and pieces that normally get impossibly lost at the bottom of the bag. You know, cufflinks, secure-ID tokens, memory sticks, and small voodoo dolls representing management figures.

I never explore these things - I like to spread the joy of discovery over a few weeks. But at that point the bag and I bonded.