Its the end-of-the-year roundup!

This year was a hoot. I started workwise at a bank for the second year, working with a rather excellent group of lads on a hugely complex and important Domino application. Despite plans to outsource development and despite plans (and a budget close to £2m!) to migrate to dot-net, I'm happy to report that my wee application is still running and running. And running on 8.5.2. Not bad considering it was developed on 2000 on version 5. 11 years on the same platform and application? How does *that* ROI work for you?

This year, my rather excellent daughter - Squid - opened her wings and backpacked around the world, spending the majority of her time in New Zealand. Myself and SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) spent our easter break on a round-the-world flight and spent 10 days down there.

New Zealand is fantastic. Green, lush, warm, friendly folks, excellent food. You should visit sometime before the stupid people find and spoil it. Of course this year was the year that the terrible earquake struck Christchurch - our hearts go out to those folks, still living in a very dangerous part of the world.

On the bright side, three dear friends all successfully had babies this year, and another due in a few months. Fingers crossed, and yet more mothercare vouchers in the post.

Heading towards summer, I found that the bank job was finally coming to an end - a shame, but at the same time looking forward to doing something new. A few months working on an Exchange to Notes migration project kept me busy, and updated some skills in JavaFx - Oracle's attempt at an RIA. 

But - like all RIA's - Silverlight, Flash and JavaFx - it would appear they're all dying this year. HTML5 is the bright new future, and I wonder where this leaves all these Silverlight customers. Up sh*t creek without a paddle, I suspect.

Onto the latest job - helping out a very large customer upgrade from v6.5.x to 8.5.2. Very slick environment, very nice crew, and challenging work. An excellent end to the year.

Now of course we're all looking forward to Lotusphere 2012 and what that might bring. I remain hopelessly optimistic of course. 

So on that positive note, I wish you all a happy Hogmany, and look forward to catching up with everyone next year.