Domino 8.5.3 and Disks...

In the old days, we'd just slap the Domino data directory onto a RAID-5 disk array and forget about it. After all, there wasnt much we could do.

Then along came transaction logging. Fantastic stuff, but ALWAYS put it on a separate drive.

Then you could move View Rebuilds onto another drive.

Then DAOS came along, allowing you to move all file attachments to another drive.

And now in 8.5.3, you can move Full Text indexes elsewhere too!

So now I have a D: drive with a Domino server partition, and an F: Drive with all this stuff:

Now, I dont advise putting them all on the same drive on a busy server. But you get the idea.

So does this help?

Well, yes. Transaction Logging allows us to quickly restart, and the temporary files are not on the same spindle. DAOS helps by moving all these write-once, ready many file attachments out of expensive data store. View rebuild index means that two sets of spindles are in use instead of one, and finally - moving full text indexes off the data drive means that you dont have to back them up. You can always rebuild them.

If only View indexes could be detached from NSF files too.