Lotusphere Session Roulette

After taking last year off, I've been persuaded and cajoled to submit sessions again for Lotusphere 2012. Now, I hear some of you say, 'It'll be fun to see Bill on stage again', etc. But. 

Firstly, no-one gets in for free. If you've presented before, it just means that you have a track record. So how do you get a session at Lotusphere?

You submit a killer abstract. You take a piece of technology, and you own it, and you communicate some part of it - some part you really care about - in an amazing way. A way thats both clear, interesting and engaging to a very mixed audience (in terms of ability, language, etc).

I'm rather hoping to get back on stage again this year - but you know. If someone has submitted a better abstract than mine, I'm not going to pout and moan. I'm going to high-tail it along to his session and see what I've missed. 

You see, at some point in your life, you are confronted with people who are just so smarter than yourself. And you can take two directions. Hide, or enjoy it - learn something new. I usually try and enjoy it.