Lotusphere day 1


Huge sweaty crowd waiting for the escalators. Singing the 'Hi Ho' song as the queue moves. Asshole IBMmers holding rows of seats (in the general seating area). 

Hot band. Played the Old Spice ad. The students are in the middle, not at the front. 

OMG: Main speaker: Kevin Spacey. Cool. Smart. And took the piss. Love it. Great Clinton impression.

"And whilst I realise that having a positive attitude wont solve everything it might piss off enough cynical people to make it worthwhile". 

 Alaistair Rennie back on stage:

'We're on a cusp'. Anyone counting how many times Mr Rennie says the word 'Lotus' ? We are the 'outliers'. 

Mmm. Lets consider that. We are outliers. We are not mainstream....

RIM Co-Chief Jim Balsillie on stage. 

Now were getting a playbook pitch. Before we even SEE or HEAR any IBM or Lotus technology. 

Much as I love RIM, I expect to see RIM products on the keynote at RIM conferences. We're RIM partners - dont get me wrong. But. Lotusphere ? Playbook ? 

Demonstrating Flash. 

 Jeff Schick:

We have four CIO's on stage doing a 'panel' style presentation. 

70 minutes in. I have to explain that I've been riding an unsprung, hard seat Harley for two. No demos yet.

Sandy Carter VP Sales on stage.

We should bring HR on board. Using games. M'kay.

Active Brand Ambassador. 

The Portal guy:

Exceptional Web Experiences. Another panel discussion. Catching up on my personal banking.

Doug Cox. Demos. At 90 minutes.

You can hear me yelling 'YEEEEEEES' from the back.

Finally some fricking content. Excellent.

'Exceptional work and web experience'

Brian Chengs demo is based on Marketing. #IronyOverload

A Notes Next client demo. W00t 

Kevin on stage, talking about LotusLive.

Finally. Domino applications on the IBM Cloud. The first product announcement. 115 minutes in.

30 days free trial.

Suzanne on stage at 120 minutes. W00t.

Connections looks cool

Back to Alastair.

3 awards.  

Declan was a finalist in one.

And that was it. No Announcements about:


  • ReBranding
  • Marketing

Update: The film crew caught up with me yesterday.