January: Despair, Denial and Depression

Its the post holiday despair-fest that is January. The only thing to look forward to is the evasive answers from Marketing at Lotusphere (#ls11). Oh - and the new Harry Potter village at Universal Islands of Adventure. We're going Thursday (probably).

Its usually at this time of year when my tax bills come in (hence despair) and I realise that I've put on a lot of weight over Christmas (hence the denial. Another diet started today).

And depression, in that the days are short, its cold, and the snow and ice have only cleared temporarily from Casa Buchan. On saying that, it was 11 degrees last night - some 29 degrees C warmer than it was 20 or so days ago. 

Roll on April, where I've tentatively scheduled two weeks holiday in New Zealand, catching up with my darling daughter.