Cops and ...

Just watched an episode of 'Castle' and it struck me that we've got lots of TV shows (& films) where a cop pairs up with a non-cop. Such as:


  • Castle. Cop and Author.
  • The Mentalist. Cop and psychic.
  • Turner and Hooch. A dog.
  • Sherlock Holmes: A doctor.
  • Bones: A coroner.
  • Dexter: A serial killer.
  • The X-Files: Another coroner.
  • The Walking Dead: Zombies.
  • We've even had a Janitor: Hong Kong Phooey.


I mean - whats next? A cop and a french polisher ? A cop and a plumber ? A cop and an accountant ?

Sheesh. Even I could write better TV than this.

So. Coming soon. A cop and an Enterprise Software architect. Using test-driven and agile methodologies, Model-view-controll, and of course object orientated programming - to solve murders.

I'll call it Scrum-Detectives.

It'll go gangbusters, believe me.