The Bury CC9060 VW Car kit - Update

I've been having issues with my VW branded bluetooth car kit. Bury have been back in touch, after I mailed their infoline mailbox (my emphasis):

Dear Bill,

here are the compability list for the VW Touch Phone kit. The last Update Version for the VW Kit is the 0181 and this one works with the Apple iPhone 4.

Please check your Phonebook of the iPhone. There must stored each Name with a Number or each Number must stored with a Name. This is very important, because if only saved a name the kit reboots again and again. 

You can’t use the Bury Update Manager and the 0220 Update for the Touch Phone Kit. For the Volkswagen Edition isn’t a Update in planning.


       Best regards


     --Bury Infoline--


Universal Mobile Solutions

Bury GmbH & Co. KG

Robert-Koch-Str. 1-7

32584 Löhne


Hmm. Not happy. So I've emailed them back with this:

Okay. So if I go and amend 500+ contacts on my iPhone, the bury kit wont reboot ? And there's not a planned update, despite the non-branded kit firmware being up to v224 ? And this issue is NOT documented on your web site ? Obviously, VW themselves do not know about this issue.

I feel I've went to my VW dealer and paid a lot of money for a VW branded kit, which has issues (rebooting), and wont be fixed. This does rather make me feel foolish. This is not a good feeling to have of a customer of a premium car kit.

I could have went to my local car-shop, had the non-branded kit fitted, and wouldnt have this issue. Or at least would be able to fix the firmware issue myself. 

Obviously I'm disappointed. I shall contact VW directly, in order to have the kit removed and my money refunded. 

Unless of course Bury decide to fix this?