A very damp drip to Amsterdam

Yesterday, left the house at 9:00. It started raining at 9:20. By 10:00, the motorway was flooded. 'Its fine' I thought 'as long as my feet, torso and hands are dry'.

10:30: 'Well, my torso and hands'

10:45" 'My torso'

11:00 'Damn'.

Soaked though, I limped into the County hotel in Dalkeith looking for Paul. However, he was at the pre-arranged hotel - 200 yards up the street. 10 minutes later, we finally catch up, dry out, eat. (I had to use the toilet hand-drier to dry my boots after pouring water out of them).

3:30. We're at the ferry/ Exhausted. Soaked through.

4:00 - at the bar

10:00 - in bed.

07:00 - up

10:00 - docking

11:00 - got off the boat. Three idiotic german bikers held up the entire queue of bikes trying to get off the ferry by dithering. We were ready to chuck em off the boat. And then the rain. And of course Dutch van drivers. Rain. 

12:00 - hotel. Warm. Dry. At last.