Getting the bike out of the shed

Its been so busy this year, that today was really the first day I got my old motorbike out of the shed. A wee run down to Arbroath and then another run north, in what could only be described as 'blustery' conditions. The 20 year old ZZR 600 has a fairing designed by a sailboat captain, so sometimes its a bit like tacking in heavy winds. Still, the only part that gave concern was the bit between the handlebars and the seat, so nothing new there.

Why ? Well the Mooney monster talked me into going to Amsterdam this week to present at NLLUG - something I've owed those chaps for a number of years now. So on Tuesday, I shall meet Paul in Dalkeith, and then we bike down to the ferry at Newcastle. The other end is only a 30 mile jaunt to the RAI, so no worries there.

Looking forward to it, despite all the aches and pains from today.