Tricksy little Macbook

Last june, I got a Macbook 13" with 4gb ram, 500gb drive. Nice machine, but when you load a vmware partition with win2k3, AD, Domino server, it kinda crawls.

So first I fitted a Seagate Momentus XP hard drive. Fantastic improvement in performance. 

And today, I stuck in 8gb of Ram. Previously, the price on this was in excess of £400. Crucial had it for less than 200. And I finally stuck in a replacement drive bay for my DVD drive (which I never use on the Mac), and stuck in the old 500gb hard drive.

So now I have an 8gb machine with 1tb of disk, half of which is extremely quick indeed. It makes a huge performance difference. Perhaps now I'll extract digit and fire up the Notes DDE client (or 'Crashy') more often.